About KingKong

About King Kong

King Kong is an imaginative animal.

Born in 1993 movie scenario, he does not look beautiful, but his clear eyes and honest image have been remembered for a long time. 

This leads to make our studio name.

On Oct. 15, 2004, under the blue sky of the Fall, we began the special story of the King Kong in Love Studio.

Especially, the power of “King Kong in Love” is the absolute one.

KingKinginLove Studio, started by loving people and loving photography, remembers the eyes of King Kong in love and will always keep absolute love for photo aesthetics and customer service as always. The image concept of KingKonginLove that will be contained in a family time capsule is as follows.

  • Pure Emotion

  • Modern Noblesse

  • Colorful Dream

Not just the obvious photos you should take, record the "Fun" and "Precious" moments of your life with KingKonginLove.

from KingKonginLove staff


KingKonginLove is unique in the world. 

  1. Consistency and concentration on artist's spirit and customer satisfaction on photo style are the best assets of KingKonginLove.

  2. Good photos need good sense, skill and heart. The photographers and staff of KingKonginLove have these three things clearly.

  3. We value customers' expectations, time and cost. KingKonginLove values ​​thorough preparation, smooth process and reasonable price.

  4. We prepare a refreshing shooting space and clean accessories and costumes for your baby. KingKonginLove rejects the convenience of shooting which babies are simply put in prepared backgrounds, props and costumes.

  5. We hate similar photo albums with different names. KingKonginLove shoots and designs the sole photo album for each baby even if it is difficult.

  6. The photo albums and various frames are designed with the best camera and print quality for natural color and rich tonality. We create the quality photos with best sense.

  7. For such a picture that looks adorable as you look at it, KingKonginLove respects your special style and needs, and shoots happily everyday.

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